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Welcome to the Dead Groove Clothing Website!

Our small business is ran by a few musicians that are in love with the arts. We want to bring you original art that inspires you and that you can enjoy as much as we do. We are constantly adding new designs to our store and collections, bringing one of a kind - music inspired fashion to you!

We want to thank those of you who have purchased something from our store or signed up for our mailing list so far. We have a lot more coming out this year, so thanks for subscribing!

New Things! New Things!

Our store has been updated with some exciting new things!

This week we are featuring our new Frank Zappa and The Black Page Collection by artist Fred Aching.

If you love Frank Zappa, you'll love this artwork by Fred Aching. Fred captures the late composer's likeness on top of the drum chart of his masterpiece The Black Page #1. Frank wrote The Black Page #1 as a difficult piece for his drummer , Terry Bozzio, to play as a drum solo and later decided to make his band create a song around it. This transformed into Black Page #2, which Fred fell in love with but only later realized it was created from the drum solo masterpiece, The Black Page #1. Being a drummer, Fred definitely wanted to capture this amazing musical anomaly that we all know Frank was the king of. This design captures the chaos that is behind the composer, the true original artistic expression that is Frank Zappa.

The Black Page comes in unisex long sleeve, sweatshirt, unisex short sleeve, framed or unframed poster and more! Check out the entire collection HERE

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